Our Services

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Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis is paramount to understanding your business and market trends.

With our in-depth analysis, we will review, dissect and make sense of your spend data.  We will generate reports that will be easy to digest and help you understand where you stand with your costs.  From operational product costs to operational labour costs, we will look at anything and everything you spend money on.

Category Management

Category management helps you deal with the right suppliers for the right products.

Understanding which categories of spend are your strengths and which are your weaknesses can help you navigate the markets.  We will identify these for you and assist you in making the right decisions for your company.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction without compromising quality is what we do best.

Cost reduction sounds like a simple thing to do however, in most cases, business owners and operators don’t have the time to spend on analysing this.  We will look at your operation with fresh eyes and advise you on best practice, negotiate pricing based on your volumes and work with you to reduce your costs and increase your profit margins.

Contract Management

Contracts can make or break your business.

Contract management, when done right, protects your business from risks.  Let us help you make the right decisions for your business and make sure you are entering into contracts and agreements that are right for your business needs.

Supplier Relationship Management

Building robust relationships in business will secure your business’ future.

Making sure that your suppliers understand your business’ needs is our goal.  Nurturing and growing strong partnerships with your suppliers means they are invested in the success of your business.  And you in theirs.  Mutually assured success is the name of the game.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management gets your product from field to table.  It’s that simple.

Being certain of your supply chain and the provenance of your raw materials is especially important these days.  Ensuring that the process is the most efficient it can be means that you can reduce your costs, buy better and, in most cases, reduce your footprint.

Stock Inventory Management

Knowing your stock position helps you manage your business

Stock Inventory management is key to ensuring you know where your stock is at all times and what your business is worth.  Ordering the right amount of stock at the right time can be difficult to forecast and we can help you identify and reduce your stock holding while remaining consistent with your supply to your customers.

Cost Control & Menu Engineering

Understanding your sales mix helps you understand your customers and what they like and don’t like. 

Cost Control and Menu Engineering will help you make the right decisions on what to prepare for your customers.  We look at recipes, portion sizes and ingredient choices to determine the cost of each dish vs how much you sell it for.  Then put this data against what dishes actually sell so you have the tools to take control of your profit.