Fox Procurement

Saskia de Vos

Managing Director and Founder

20 years experience

Saskia has over 20 years experience in the Hotel and Hospitality Sector both in the UK and Australia, with 15 years experience in Procurement and Purchasing. She has in depth knowledge and understanding of the operational needs of the Food & Beverage Industry and the importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty. She knows that there is a ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to value for money.

Save. Control. Grow.

Zero Fees

No Minimums

Free Trades

1000's of Funds

Services at a reasonable cost.

Let us analyse your cost base to ensure you know exactly where you stand with your buying power.

You will have transparent and easy to digest reporting done by professionals with years of experience.  With our vast knowledge of the industry and our contact base, you will have the market at your fingertips.  Let us help you save money on your costs whether it be on physical product or the time it takes to carry out the work, without compromising on the output.

Grow your profits by being in control of your cost base.  More money in the bank means you can grow further, and ensure your business is robust and secure.



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